Last week, Oceanteam had the pleasure of welcoming the Combifloat team at the yard facilities in Velsen, near Amsterdam. We spent the morning on the yard, discussing the carousel modifications that are currently happening for our next upcoming project and discussed on new innovative engineering ideas. The carousels are optimized to suit vessels with a hull width of <17.5m, offering a very economical transport solution.

At the same time, a transpooling operation was ongoing from our temporary storage to a vessel. Transpooling refers to the process of transferring a flexible product, such as cables and umbilicals, from carousel to another. In this case from our 4000t onshore carousel to two 2500t / 15.6m diameter carousels on board the Multi Purpose Product (MPP) vessel.

Enough action going! And to finish it off, we enjoyed a delightful lunch together.

It’s always inspiring to see what we can achieve when we come together. Here’s to more collaborative days together!