modular jack up barge working on piledriving project MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat modular jack up barge with drill for piledriving work MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat sectional barge in lake MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT westermeerwind spud over the side combifloat c7 MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT modular Jetty extentions in Caspian sea MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat 1000t modular jack up barge C9 at Shiploader MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT
C-7 Combifloat beachlanding
C-7 Combifloat beachlanding
tengizchevroil access platform mcv


The standardized, watertight, welded steel and buoyant Combifloat pontoons are perfectly suitable for a variety of floating applications. The strong internal structure and integrated, easy to use, coupling mechanism provides sufficient strength to support the heavy deck loads needed for the execution of any water-borne project.

Examples are:

  • Temporary infrastructure
    • Floating bridge
    • Spacer barges
    • Beach landing
    • (floating) Jetties
    • Remote logistics hub
    • Access platforms
  • Barges
    • Transport barges
    • Pipelay barge
    • Drill barge
    • Crane barges
  • Other
    • Ferry
    • Bouyancy modules
    • Grilleage modules for transport

Our distributed deck strength of 15mT/m2 in combination with high point-loads and a rigid coupling system enable Combifloat to use its modules for many applications.

Depending on load capacity and envisaged dimensions of the barge our C-5, C-7 or C-9.5 Class pontoons can be used. Optionally accessories can be added like propulsion units, wheelhouses etc. can also be mounted on deck.

The pontoons have dimensions that allow easy transport and have unit weights that can easily be handled by available jobsite lifting equipment to enable assembly and use at diverse and remote locations by marine and construction crew.

Combifloat Remote logistics hub
Combifloat Remote logistics hub
Combifloat floating bridge
Combifloat floating bridge
Combifloat modules as grilleage to support heavy load
Combifloat modules as grilleage to support heavy load