[simple_tooltip content=’Project completed in Norway’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Akindo, Uruguay – Sale ‘]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Sarens/Van Oord – The Netherlands – Offshore wind turbine installation’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Johann Bunte, Germany – Bridge construction’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C7 series – BAM, Jakarta ‘]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C7 series – MRTS – Murmansk, Russia – Pile driving (hammer) works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Igeotest, Jamaica – Geotechnical works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Minera y Metalurica del Boleo, Mexico’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Lithuania’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Dong Pi, Taiwan – Bridge and port construction’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C5-series – CHEC, Hong Kong, Geotechnical works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Walz Marine,  Australia – Jetty maintenance and repair’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Bangladesh – Jetty Construction Works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5/C-7 series – Kibag, Switzerland – Temporary bridge’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Floating Barge – Peschaud, Sudan – For drilling operations’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-9 series – Iraq – Racked pile driving’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Iran – sale’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Blue Water Shipping, Kazachstan Caspian Sea – Temporary jetty system’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – CHEC, Panama – Cruise Terminal Construction’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Puga Muijca, Chile – Sale’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Institut Polaire Français, Antartica – Sale of C-5 equipment’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – SGTM, Morocco – Rental C-520′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Sides Drilling Contractors, Australia – Sales C-5′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-9 series – Volker, Falkland Islands – Installation of mooring dolphins’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Petronas – Malaysia’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Conduril, Angola – Sales C-7′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Nigeria’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Vivot Equipment, Virgin Islands – Sales C-519′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Deepocean, United Kingdom – (HVDC) cable repair’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – ATTCO, Amman – Rental C-7′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Mota Engil, Peru – Sales C-715′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Khimji Ramdas, Oman – Rental C-5′]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Belize – Port Coral Development’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-9,5 series – Chile – Collahuagi ship loader upgrade’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 and C7 series – Mozambique – Floating mooring arrangement’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Spain – Geotechnical soil investigation works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Haifa – Haifa bay Port Expansion Project’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-7 series – Panama – LNG Berth contruction works’]o[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’C-5 series – Perth – Geotechnical soil investigation works’]o[/simple_tooltip]





South America

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