C-7 Self Elevating Platform

Combifloat C714 jack up assembled in the Netherlands

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The modular C-7 Self-Elevating Platform is the ideal jack-up platform for port and nearshore marine works. The design provides maximum uptime for construction and maintenance of terminals, jetties, ports, breakwaters, bridges, land- and outfalls of cables or pipelines and offshore facilities.

Offering a 400 ton variable deck load capacity and an unparalleled 15 ton/m2 deck strength, makes the C-7 the platform of choice for heavy duty marine construction works. It provides a large 520 m2 free deck space. Without obstructions on deck, the deck layout can be fully tailored to client’s mission equipment and operating method. Depending on soil penetration and waves, the platform can cover water depths up to 30 meter, with increases possible in moderate environment.

Safe and efficient lifting, lowering and (re)positioning of the platform is enabled through the central or local controlled jacking system and 4-point mooring system. Redundancy is provided by two independent hydraulic pump sets and manual control of crucial platform functions.

About Us

Operating on all continents, Combifloat owns an extensive portfolio of fully modular floating and self-elevating marine equipment.

At present Combifloat operates three fabrication sites in Europe and the Middle East. Stock of our Combifloat C-5, C-7 and C-9.5 series is kept in strategic locations to quickly serve clients and guarantee short delivery times.

Recent projects have been completed in Asia, Europe, the Arctic region as well as South America.

Founded in 1957 in Rotterdam, Combifloat’s head office is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands with a branch office located Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In addition a network of agents is maintained worldwide.

Combifloat modular C7 self elevating platform with drill rig on cantilever

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