modular jack up barge working on piledriving project MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat modular jack up barge with drill for piledriving work MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat sectional barge in lake MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT westermeerwind spud over the side combifloat c7 MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT modular Jetty extentions in Caspian sea MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat 1000t modular jack up barge C9 at Shiploader MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT
Combifloat modular modules loaded on trucks
Combifloat modular jack up C7 loading on heavy lift vessel
Combifloat single hook lift


Combifloat pontoons are designed for safe and easy handling  and to allow them to be transported to any (remote) location even when only limited or restricted facilities are available.

The high strength, low alloy steel coupling system is simple, quick, rigid and contains a  positive locking. No loose pins, bolts or other parts are used which could be damaged or lost. The coupling system is used for both the pontoons and attachments such as spud wells, bollards, fairleads etc.

The system is designed to be used, while afloat, with the top and bottom locks being engaged simultaneously. There is no need to enter the pontoons, which benefits safety, handling and life-cycle of the pontoons.

Combifloat pontoons are supplied with a centrally located lifting lug for easy and safe lifting and are self-stabilizing, which further eases assembly.

All elements are engineered for easy and safe lifting.

  • Easy to handle
  • Single hooked
  • Integrated lifting lugs
  • Easy to transport

Frequently used modes of transport 

  • Road
  • Train
  • Sea
    • Cargo ship geared and ungeared
    • Tug & Barges
    • River barges.

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