Combifloat ansys jack up barge self elevating platform engineering sample
Combifloat working at height

Product Support

With highly qualified and specialized engineers, Combifloat offers various engineering services to comfort clients on operational and environmental matters. Extensive support and advice on the use and employment of Combifloat platform can be provided on operational and environmental aspects.

This will help you to optimize your deck layout and verify your load case. We will also help you optimize the installation conditions in regards to external conditions and the platform’s capabilities.

Combifloat engineers are available in all stages of your project, from tendering, project preparation and throughout the entire execution phase.


  • Floating stability

    • Deck lay out
    • Centre of Gracity (CoG) client equipment
    • Dimensional analysis
    • Beaching strength calculation
  • Elevated stability

    • Ansys
      • Macro
      • APDL
      • Beam model
    • Spuds buckling check
    • Leg installation
    • Couplings strength check
    • Jacking capacity check
    • Overturning stability check
  • Project equipment

    • Centre of Gracity (CoG) client equipment
    • Dimensional analysis
    • Propulsion analysis
    • Mooring analysis

Project Engineers

If you are in need of technical or operations support our Project Engineers will be there to assist you.

  • Transport and Mobilizations
  • Assembly
  • Project management
  • Operations Support
  • Remote assistance
  • Disassembly

Jacking Engineers

Our jacking engineers, sometimes called barge engineers or operators, will support our clients throughout the project on a day to day basis. These specialists are available for jacking and positioning services as well as to perform the daily maintenance routines.

Training requirements

Combifloat can train client personnel to operate the Combifloat series jacking system

Operating manual

It is important to have a sound knowledge of the Combifloat system to ensure a safe and continuous operation. Combifloat provides the owner or charterer with a platform specific manual with all relevant details and instructions to operate the system verified by IACS class if required.

  • Platform related operations manual

    • Assembly of modular system
    • Jacking system
    • Operating procedures
    • Safety procedures
    • Design data
  • Project related data book

    • Stability book
    • Elevated Strength (in case of jack up)
    • Project related method statements

We look forward to be of assistance to you and welcome any enquiry or questions you may have. Our sales and engineering team are available for you in order to elevate your business!