C-7 series – Lithuania

Another delivery of a C-7 Self Elevating Platform to our client in Lithuania. Despite all the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were able to supply in time and to clients satisfaction.

All the credits go to the team of our client for their great performance during assembling, installation and commissioning. We wish them a lot of successful business with this extension of their fleet!

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Combifloat C5 Loading on truck

C-5 series – Baltic Sea

Another C-5 series self-elevating platform on transport to the Baltic Sea. The Combifloat pontoons have dimensions that allow easy transport and are designed for safe and easy handling.
A C-5 can be transported with 11 trucks only.

The C-5 is the ideal jack-up platform for construction and geotechnical works in coastal and inland waters.

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Modular pontoon system

Proud to contribute to this green energy project in Switzerland ! Together with our local representative Oscar Meier AG through one of our clients, we provided our modular pontoon systems for the marine construction part of this project.

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