modular jack up barge working on piledriving project MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat modular jack up barge with drill for piledriving work MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat sectional barge in lake MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT westermeerwind spud over the side combifloat c7 MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT modular Jetty extentions in Caspian sea MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat 1000t modular jack up barge C9 at Shiploader MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT
Control cabin Combifloat C9
combifloat c7 D fender

Parts and accessories

Combifloat is able to provide its clients with all parts and critical components that are required to maintain and operate and repairs its systems during its lifecycle.

Additionally we offer numerous accessories to customize the system to project requirements as well as after sales support.


Combifloat has selected spare part packages to support our clients.

  • Running spares
  • Critical spares

Additionally we support specific requirements of our clients for example to facilitate remote locations operations. Given we are continuously fabricating our modular series, Combifloat is also able to provide main components that would normally have very long lead times.

  • Bespoke spare part solutions, project based.
  • Main components


Our accessories are compatible to our locking systems and can be smartly installed to customize the jack up or barge to project requirements.

    • Deck equipment
    • Winch sets
    • Bollards & Cleats
    • Railing
    • Fairleads
    • Fendering
    • Integrated tanks
    • Propulsion / towing
    • Spudwells and legs
    • Mission equipment
    • Loading
Combifloat accessories fairlead
assembly modular pontoon sectional barge in lake

Product Support

Combifloat is known for her pragmatic after sales support to facilitate the maximum uptime / workability / use of her systems.

  • Warranty support
  • Support during mobilization and assembly for delivery
  • Operational lifetime support
  • Inspections

We look forward to be of assistance to you and welcome any enquiry or questions you may have. Our sales and engineering team are available for you in order to elevate your business!