modular jack up barge working on piledriving project MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat modular jack up barge with drill for piledriving work MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat sectional barge in lake MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT westermeerwind spud over the side combifloat c7 MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT modular Jetty extentions in Caspian sea MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT combifloat 1000t modular jack up barge C9 at Shiploader MULTI PURPOSE EQUIPMENT
Combifloat shallow water drilling modular jack up


Especially the C9.5 series can regularly be found to support on maintenance and repair and drilling scopes in near shore and landlocked areas. In certain regions the jack up’s function as security platform in oil fields.

Using their self-elevating platforms and floating barges, Combifloat facilitates drilling contractors and operators to place a fully equipped land drilling rig including all required additional equipment in shallow waters and swamp areas.

Because the modular platforms can mobilize and demobilize easily to shallow water sites in near shore and remote inland locations, the Combifloat solution particularly suites exploration campaigns and first stage field developments. The Combifloat solution eliminates the requirement for dredging and leaves no permanent footprint in environmental sensitive areas.

Ultra-shallow water / swamp drilling

Floating platforms in combination with spudwells or holding spuds can be configured to provide a stable basis for swamp barge drill rigs campaigns in ultra-shallow waters.


Given its basic design the platforms can also serve as a stable and elevated storage platform during maintenance and repairs or paint campaigns. When outfitted with accommodation modules the platforms can support additional manpower requirements during the peak of projects.

Combifloat modules for swamp drilling application

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