Combifloat is a proud member of the International Jack up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA) since its inception in 2008.

Our team is keen to promote the objectives of the association and in turn bring owners and users of our equipment in contact with IJUBOA.

The associations mission is to:

“to set, sustain and promote standards for the safe and effective operation of self-elevating platforms throughout the world”

IJUBOA has three strategic goals:

  1. To promote a safe industry – safe for its people, for the environment and for society at large
  2. To promote a learning industry – with the skilled and professional workforce essential for the safe and efficient operation of jack up barges
  3. To promote a reputable industry – responsive to the needs of its customers and committed to continuous improvement.

Best practices

Recently IJUBOA shared her first best practice guide “IJUBOA Best Practice Guidance Note for Jack-up Barges 001 – Access and Egress”.

Link to download the document


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