C7 bearingspud mode Combifloat

C7 bearing spud barge deployed

Combifloat has been supporting a large heavy lift contractor on Windplan Blauw over summer. Like before, the jacking systems of a C-7 series modular jack up have been retrofitted on a barge for stabilization and fixation (‘bearing spud mode’), allowing the contractor to deploy a large crawler crane to install wind turbines. Previously a similar approach was taken for windfarm Fryslan. Another good example of this application was seen in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea Development Project as featured online and below.

Combifloat C7 bearing spud mode KSA red sea

Combifloat C7 bearing spud mode KSA red sea

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uae flag

UAE changing working week

There have been big changes to the UAE working week. Like many other leading firms Combifloat has moved to a Monday-Friday, working week from 1 January onwards.

Main reason for the change in the country is that this will better align the Emirates with global partners and should boost productivity, and improve work-life balance.

Combifloat look forward to working through this change with all our clients and partners globally.

More information https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/government/2021/12/07/breaking-uae-makes-major-changes-to-working-week/ 

For further questions please contact dubai@combifloat.com

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UAE50 floating stage

UAE50; Floating by Combifloat

Recently the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in Hatta, Dubai were held and attended by the UAE’s most senior dignitaries.

Combifloat’s role

Combifloat played a major role in realisation of the show at Hatta Dam. Essentially the industrial pontoons provided a solid foundation for the stages. The coupling mechanism enabled great flexibility in configurations, fitting the multiple applications for the event.

Almost 200 floats were used to configure the various floating pontoons needed for the show. Eye catching were the 1000 tons build-up of the stage pontoon and 700 tons of grandstand pontoon, both in their own unique shape to optimize surface and load.

Combifloat mobilized e the largest amount of floats ever on a single project. Apart from shipping from Europe to the UAE, some 100 trucks were deployed for the final stretch to Hatta Dam.

barge layout with spacing

Sample barge layout

The show

Staged in Hatta Dam Lake and surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, it provided a magnificent setting for an amazing show.

The show’s centrepiece was a huge sculpture, supported by modern technology and set on a floating stage in the Hatta Dam Lake, to highlight the close relationship between humans and nature and UAE’s history since the 19th century.

The show comprised nine chapters chronicling highlights from the UAE’s 50-year development journey and projections of the UAE’s future in the next 50 years.



Key benefits Combifloat

  1. Modularity allowed transport to the mountain lake
  2. Availability ex stock
  3. Easy and fast assembly
  4. Very flexible in achievable configurations due to multiple ways to connect floats


  • UAE 50th National Day Celebration
  • Artistic Director and Designer Es Devlin
  • Location Hatta Dam
  • Offical producer Larmac Projects
  • Credit photos: Nicolas Chavance

Contact dubai@combifloat.com

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C7 modular cable lay barge in lake

C-7 series – Project completed in Norway

Congratulations to Statnett SF and Nexans Norway AS with the successful installation of the North Sea Link high voltage power cable in the closed lake Suldalsvatnet, Norway! We are very proud to have been part of this unique project, with the delivery of a Combifloat C-7 series modular work platform.

Despite COVID-19 related limitations, we managed to deliver the platform on time, according specifications and to full client satisfaction. The project enabled us to fully exploit our engineering capabilities, by carrying out complete assessment of deck plan, mission equipment, platform strength and stability in all operating modes. This could only be achieved by the dedication of our project management, engineering and logistics team working together with our client’s project team: Well done to all involved.


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