Shallow water jack up barge

Shallow water jack up barge of Combifloat Systems B.V.

Shallow water jack up barges, pontoons and self-elevating platforms of Combifloat Systems B.V. offer a made-to-order solution for your challenges in the maritime construction field. Combifloat offers flexible, modular systems usable in shallow water, often used in coastal areas and inland waters. Ever since 1957 we are a leading and innovative partner to our customers in the maritime-, offshore- and oil- and gas sectors. Have a look in our photo gallery.

Shallow water jack up barge for oil and gas drilling

The self-elevating platforms and jack up barges by Combifloat Systems B.V. fit perfectly in the oil- and gas industry because of their specific properties which enable them to operate in shallow water and near riverbanks and coastal lines. Because the Combifloat shallow water jack up barges are a modular system, it is easy to mobilise and demobilise in different areas, including shallow waters. Often, the Combifloat barges are used for exploratory campagnes, research and phase one development.

Respect for environment and nature

For using our jack up barges, it is often unnecessary to dredge in the water. Because of this, the soil and living organisms are left undisturbed as much as possible. This is especially wanted in sensitive environments. Using the shallow water jack up barges by Combifloat Systems B.V. nature and the surroundings are left intact, meaning you will not leave a permanent footprint.

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