C-519 for charter or sale

  • Available: Prompt
  • Vessel type: Jack-up, modular
  • Region: Europe
  • Deck load: Up to 80 t
  • Point load: 15 t/m²
  • Deck area: 242 m²
  • Leg length: 27m
  • Length x width: 18 x 18m
  • Hull height: 1.52m
  • Year build: 2013

The C-519 is a modular, self-elevating platform with corner mounted spudwells and measures 18 by 18m.
The C-519 is suitable for various kind of drilling works, soil investigation campaigns as well as marine construction works.
The platform has 27m legs offering a free leg length of approximately 23m.

Combifloat offers this self-elevating platform for sale and rental and is promptly available in Europe.

The C-519 can be shipped by road, rail or sea

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