Modular pontoon systems for rental or lease

Modular pontoon systems for rental or lease. A good option for you when renting or leasing a Combifloat floating pontoon or self-elevating pontoon is more profitable than buying one. Contact us when you have questions or if you desire more information.

Modular pontoon systems for rental

Modular pontoon systems for rental is a good option for when your company only uses a floating or self-elevating pontoon incidentally. Buying a modular pontoon system is an investment, especially interesting when you frequently and intensely use it. That is because our systems have a long life expectancy. Inform for the possibilities of renting a modular pontoon system, contact us at +31 10 437 0811 or

Modular Pontoon Systems for lease

Modular pontoon systems for lease could be interesting when, for certain projects of a medium- or long term time period, a floating pontoon is required. Modular pontoon systems have a life expectancy of over 25 years, therefore, owning a modular pontoon system would mostly be interesting when your company uses it frequently and for longer periods of time. For a maritime- or offshore project of several years, modular pontoon systems for lease can be a lot more efficient and effective.

Modular Pontoon Systems for rental and lease

Our self-elevating platforms


C-5 Self-Elevating Platforms

The platform allows for approx. 80-100 mT deck load and has standard spuds of 27m length, extendable to approx. 32m. Due to the modular structure the Combifloat units are easy and cost effective to transport by road or ship.

C-7 Self-Elevating Platforms

The C-7 Self Elevating Platforms is mainly active in near shore marine construction works. Additional deck equipment available.


C-9.5 Self-Elevating Platforms

Currently the biggest of the Combifloat self elevating platforms, is the perfect partner for heavy duty jetty- and breakwater construction works.


C-1500 and C-2000 Self-Elevating Platforms

Due to its high deck strength of 25 mT/m², this platform is eminently suitable to serve the civil, renewable- and oil & gas markets.