Modular Floating Pontoon

Modular Floating Pontoons by Combifloat Systems are strong, easy to use and are built with precision. The floating pontoons help to resist heavy loads and harsh conditions like no other portable flotation equipment in the industry can. Contact us if you have an interesting case for us to work on!

Modular Floating Pontoon

A modular floating pontoon is a floating platform, that is used as foundation for heavy constructions, when it is not possible to find or create a foundation at the bottom of the river, canal or sea. Modular floating pontoons have a straightforward form, are broad, flat and posses a large working deck. They are designed with everyday practice in mind. Pontoons with multiple compartments can be filled with water to maintain their balance. This way, the pontoon can be kept stable.  

Modular system

The pontoons by Combifloat are modular systems. Our equipment is standardized and developed under careful supervision. The equipment consist of waterproof, steel pontoons based on powerful intern structures and coupling mechanisms. Because of this, multiple pontoons can be coupled together for project specific configurations. This improves the range of the platform and enhances the capacity.  Coupling the pontoons can also serve the purpose of creating an emergency bridge or a floating landing stage.

Combifloat Systems

Marine working environments are never constant, never the same. Equipment requirements for marine operations vary with local conditions and with the type of job to be performed. For every job, there is the challenge of finding the ideal equipment… and getting it there. With this mind, the Combifloat Modular pontoon was designed.

Modular Floating Pontoon, would you like to know more?

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Modular Floating Pontoon