Jacking system

Jacking system, a hydraulic system to lift platforms. The jacking system is used in the self elevating platforms from Combifloat Systems B.V. For more information about jacking systems you can fill in the contact form.

Jacking system for self-elevating platforms

Jacking systems are mainly used in our self elevating pontoons. All pontoons from Combifloat Systems B.V. are internally strengthened for usage on self elevating platforms. Because of their modular properties we are able to supply a large variety of pontoons, based on the desired properties, sizes and capacities. Through the link below you will find our page with different applications. Here you can also find our range of different self elevating platforms.

How do jacking systems work?

Hydraulic power packs are installed on deck and power the up and down movements of the spuds. Moreover, they can be connected to equipment such as mooring winches. The jacking mechanism is provided with heavy hydraulic cylinders and moveable cross heads.

Automatic jacking system on deck

Combifloat Systems B.V. can provide platforms with a complete central control system for automatic jacking and leveling of the platform. All components are in accordance with IACS rules and certifications.

Want to know more about our hydraulic jacking systems?

If you want more information about the self elevating platforms, pontoons and jacking systems from Combifloat Systems B.V., then contact us on +31 10 437 0811 or send an email to sales@combifloat.com.