Jack up vessel

A Jack up vessel, the floating lifting platform, is powered to move around on sea, rivers and canals. When the jack up vessel has reached the desired location it is lifted above water

level, so the platform is not subjected to the movement of the water. Do you want to know if a jack up vessel can be a solution for you? Please fill in the contact form.

Jack up vessels for different activities

Jack up vessels are mainly used for piling, drilling, building and dredging work. The offshore and maritime sector and the oil and gas industry are the biggest branches in the jack up vessel market. The reason for this is mainly the enormous capacity of the jack up vessels and because they can be used very flexibly. Besides that, housing personnel, goods or important equipment and gear is no issue. With this goal in mind it can also serve as extra accommodation.

Jack up vessels with self elevating system

The self elevating system on the jack up vessels from Combifloat Systems B.V. are powered by hydraulic cylinders working intermittently. When the jack up vessel has reached the correct location, the bottom of the sea, river or canal is cleared in order to place the legs. These are equipped with spuds, metal plates that make sure that the pressure on the bottom is divided and that the legs are not further driven in.

Want to know more about our jack up vessels and self elevating platforms?

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