Floating pontoon

Floating pontoon. Combifloat is the exclusive manufacturer of the modular Combifloat pontoons. We serve a great variety of clients in the construction spectrum. Especially in the offshore and maritime industry, our flexible modular floating systems and elevating construction systems are widely used, as they are especially suited for coastal environments and inland waters. Please fill in the contact form if you desire more information.

Floating pontoon, maximum flexibility

The floating pontoon consists of multiple parts, or units. By applying a simple coupling system, multiple units can be combined easily to create a bigger surface and a greater capacity. The amount of flexibility is maximized by the use of units, because it increases the manageability. This way, the transportation to the right location is a lot easier, which means every desired size or layout is being created.  

Floating pontoon, de kracht van eenvoud

We at Combifloat believe in simplicity. By applying this simplicity in the Combifloat modular pontoons, we can face every challenge, in the most harsh conditions. The system is reliable and easy to transport and assemble. Only two people with regular equipment are enough for assembling the pontoon units. Within a short amount of time, the floating pontoon has been installed and is ready for use.

Watch this video to see how we assemble and transport the pontoon units.

Floating pontoon, onderhoud en levensduur

The floating pontoon needs very little maintenance. The steel construction is weatherproof and waterproof, made to hold out during harsh circumstances. The durability of a floating pontoon is more than 25 years.

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