Customized container pontoons for purchase

Customized container pontoons for purchase. The customized container pontoons of Combifloat Systems B.V. are made-to-order for every application, environment and use. Our custom-made solutions enable us to put together a complete pontoon for your specific needs. Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Customized container pontoons for purchase, for your specific applications

With customized container pontoons for purchase, Combifloat Systems B.V. aims mainly for the maritime, offshore and oil- and gas industry. The container pontoons are mostly used in inland waters and coastal areas. In this area and sector, there are often high demands set for the materials and equipments, as is the same for the container pontoons. When the environment is challenging and the circumstances are poor, even then, our customized container pontoons can be put together in such a way that they meet your expectations. On top of that they have a life expectancy of 25 years, an investment that pays off.

Versatile and flexible

Because the customized container pontoons of Combifloat Systems B.V. have modular properties, diverse elements can be coupled to each other. Because of this, they can be applied  in a versatile and flexible way. That way they are most qualified for, for example, piling-, drilling-, construction- and dredging operations. Container pontoons can house your personnel or store and protect your tools, equipment or goods.

Combifloat Systems B.V.

It is our experience that every maritime workspace is different and that every situation requires a custom approach and made-to-order equipment. Combifloat Systems B.V. faces every challenge. Extraordinary, challenging surroundings and situations are the reason that we keep developing and innovating on the area of modular floating systems.

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