Certified self-elevating platform

Certified self-elevating platforms of Combifloat Systems B.V. are extremely qualified for companies that have a large interest and value innovative solutions for their projects. Especially companies working in the maritime- and offshore sectors, but the oil- and gas industry also belong to our target audience.

Certified self-elevating platforms, flexible modular systems

Our certified self-elevating platforms are suitable for usage in coastal areas and inland waters. Because the systems are modular they can flexibally be implemented in every project. With pride we can say that we have been doing so since 1957. Our systems are certified by Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL).

What Combiflex Systems B.V. can offer you

With our modular and certified self-elevating platforms, Combifloat Systems B.V. can offer you:

  • Flexibility and availability at the right time
  • Optimal customer satisfaction
  • Worldwide delivery and service
  • A balanced price-quality ratio
  • Germanischer Lloyd certified products and components
  • Infinite combinations and applications possible


Our self-elevating platforms are an excellent performance in the field of modern engineering. You can count on our qualified equipment for executing heavy maritime construction work and our experts who fulfil their job with a large amount of accuracy.

More information

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When you have any questions or would like more information about certified self-elevating platforms, please contact us by +31 10 437 0811 or by email at sales@combifloat.com.