C-5 Self Elevating Platforms

The C-5 Series Self Elevating Platforms predominantly operate in the geotechnical arena, so in coastal and inland waters. The platform allows for approx. 80-100 mT deck load and has standard spuds of 27m length, extendable to approx. 32m.

Due to the modular structure the Combifloat units are easy and cost effective to transport by road or ship. Drilling slots or moonpools to facilitate the drilling works  can easily be created by shifting pontoons during the assembly of the platform or integration of a drilling slot in one or more pontoons.

General Specifications C-5 Jack Up:

The platform is supported by four (4) 30“diameter spud legs, each one individually operated by two (2) synchro-nized hydraulic cylinders mounted in
heavy duty spud-wells. Due to its modular design, the platform consists of a number of standardized floating modules coupled to-gether through a male pin / female connection system. Modules are sized to make them transportable by road.

Jacking System

The jacking mechanism consists of two manually oper-ated crossheads per spudwell, to lock and unlock the spud from vertical movement.
All four spudwells are powered by one hydraulic power pack for simultaneous lifting and lowering the spud legs through its seating.
The power pack is silenced, with a 104 kW radiator cooled diesel engine driving a variable displacement piston pump.
Manually controlled valves are provided, easily accessi-ble, with spare hydraulic connectors for either emer-gency use or for further use of
hydraulic powered deck equipment, like winches/cranes etc.

Deck Equipment

A safety railing is provided around the platform with sufficient access for operating the spudwells and space for working the mooring ropes.
Optionally hydraulic operated mooring winches can be delivered for mounting on deck.

Moonpool(s) for geotechnical drilling

Moonpool of 3,05 x 1,52m can be easily created by shift-ing floats during the assembly
of the platform and come at no additional costs.
Operationally, a 500mm drill slot can be included in one or more floats.

  • Application: Self Elevating Platform
  • Dimensions: 18,30 (15,25 mT) x 12,20 mT
  • Capacity: 80 mT